Hotel Accommodation

Conference  participants  will  be  responsible for their accommodation during the conference. However, below is a list of available standard hotels and guest houses within and around Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo and lodging rates per night.

  1. Ajayi Crowther University Guest House     (N3,000-N5,000).
  2. Mondandola Express Hotel, Express, Oyo (N4,000-N5,000).
  3. TEES Hotel, Oyo                                                  (N5,500-N15,000)
  4. Labamba Hotel, Opp Olivet High Shl, Oyo (N8,500-N23,000).
  5. DE- Pythagoras Hotel, Dacamca Area ,Oyo (N2,000-N4,000).
  6. ON DE MOVE EXCLUSIVE PARK, Oyo            (N3,500-N10,000).
  7. PLAZA DE ARUNA, Ilekara,Oyo                      (N5,500- N30,000).
  8. DACAMCA Hotel, Ilora Road,Oyo                   (N2,500- N7,500).
  9. FEMALK Hotel, PolaTyre, Oyo                          (N3,000- N8,500).
  10. BAYNIKOL Guest House, Hora Road, Oyo     (N4,500-8,000).
  11. BABIFONA Hotel, Ibadan-Ogbomoso Road, Oyo (N3,300-N6,800).
  12. OLA ROYAL Hotel, Ibadan Road, Oyo            (N3,500-9,000)

(Allenquiries on accomation should be directed to Mr K.Falana+2348069527257)